Retainers are custom made devices that hold teeth in their new position as they settle.  


The type of retainer you wear and how long you wear it for are dependant on the orthodontic system used.  


The two most commonly used retainers are bonded retainers, and clear vacuum formed retainers.

Bonded Retainers

Bonded retainers are a small and thin piece of wire held to the tooth using a dental cement.  It is effectively "glued" in place.  


It is generally intended that the wire remains in place indefinitely as it is this holds the teeth in their new straight position.  


The bonded retainer should not interfere with your usual oral hygiene routine, use a toothbrush as usual, and the retainer will be positioned in such a way that does not interfere with the use of interdental brushes.  


Over time you may find that your retainer becomes loose as the dental cement weakens, if this is the case please call the practice and we will arrange an appointment for you to have this fixed.  Leaving a bonded retainer loose may allow for relapse of your teeth.


Bonded retainers start from £350.00

Vacuum Formed Retainers

Clear, vacuum formed retainers or Essix retainers are custom made appliances.  Each set is made to be a perfect fit for your teeth only.  They are made of a hard wearing plastic, approximately 1mm in thickness.  Due to their clear appearance, they can be worn for most of the day without anyone else knowing.  Depending on what braces system you chose they may need to be worn for as much as 20 hours a day or as little as 20 minutes, your dentist will advise you on the most suitable retainer routine for you.


Vacuum formed retainers should be taken out for eating and your usual oral hygiene routine.  To keep your retainers fresh and clean we recommend soaking them regularly in a cleaning solution such as Retainer Brite.  Do not soak them in hot water, as this can cause the retainer to distort.


Over time you may notice that your retainers show signs of wear, if this is the case, they may need to be replaced.  Your dentist can advise you on this, if necessary replacements can be made while you wait.


Prices start from £60.00

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